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Celo in Paris: A League of Bridges | by Celo Foundation | The Celo Blog | Jul, 2021


Bonjour et bienvenue, ETH developers! The Celo Foundation is excited to be participating in EthCC. Next week, we’re taking over a gallery space and have a chic Parisian gathering planned for a meeting of the minds.

DeFi is changing our world. From expanding financial access for the unbanked to new avenues for creators and stores of value, the opportunities are endless. But something else is also true: Web 3.0 will go further together. As of May, Celo is compatible with Ethereum! This makes Ethereum transaction types accessible on Celo, while also enabling access to all Ethereum’s tools. It’s time to dream and build for a better tomorrow.

Celo at ETHCC

If you were lucky enough to get an EthCC ticket, you can come learn about Celo!

Stop by the Celo booth (by the main stage) to meet some of the developers building dApps in support of our mission to create prosperity for everyone (and of course, there will be free swag!) We’ll even have fun true or false questions for a chance to win some delicious macarons.

Here’s where you can find us during the week, all times in CEST:

Tuesday, July 20th

  • Bogdan Dumitru: “One year of Celo” workshop, 12:15pm-12:55pm in Bièvre
  • James Prestwich: “Building Bridges, Not Walled Gardens”, 4:35pm on the Main Stage

Wednesday, July 21st

  • Markus Franke: “Seigniorage-style protocols and decentralized stablecoins”, 3:55pm-4:35pm in Pontoise

Thursday, July 22nd

  • Marek Olszewski, “MoFi — Mobile-First DeFi Applications… For Everyone”, 11:55am-12:35pm on the Main Stage

Get paid to work on Celo! For those open to new opportunities, Celo is a vibrant ecosystem of helpers, builders, and facilitators. There are open roles for those who want to help projects building on Celo — come introduce yourself at the Celo booth or apply online.

League of Bridges

101 years after the League of Nations, a new emerging wave of leaders meet in Paris to shape the next 100 years. EthCC is a great opportunity for a new crypto community to come together… say, a League of Bridges? It’s not about winners and losers in Web 3.0, only the realm of what’s possible when we come together to “Bridge The DeFide.”

Cross-chain is about more than bridging technology. It’s about connecting the unique cultures of the ecosystems creating real, systemic change. As we work to build the future of Ethereum and Web 3.0, the Cross-Chain Salon is designed for all blockchain builders to hang out in Paris. Throughout the week, NEAR, Centrifuge, The Graph, Polkadot, Skale Network, Skynet Labs, and Harmony Protocol will be holding the following workshops in this space.

Monday, July 19

Tuesday, July 20

  • Harmony Workshop, 9:30am CEST
  • Opolis workshop, 10am CEST
  • State of Interoperability, James Prestwich and Barbara Liau, 1pm CEST
  • Graph Workshop, 2pm CEST
  • NEAR Workshop 3pm CEST

Wednesday, July 21

  • Bridges of Polkadot & Substrate, 9–9:40am CEST
  • Cross-Chain Privacy, 9:40–10:10am CEST
  • Bridging the Multi-Chain Universe: Ethereum and Moonbeam, 11:15am–12pm CEST
  • Solidity Contracts/Journey of a Cross-Chain Message, 1pm CEST
  • How to Build Cross-Chain Applications, Anna Carrol, 2pm CEST
  • How to Build in Web3, 3pm CEST

Thursday, July 22

  • Skale Workshop, 9am-12pm CEST
  • Importance of SRE and Dev Ops When You Deploy Optics, 1pm CEST
  • Centrifuge Workshop, 2pm CEST
  • Celo + WalletConnect v2.0, 3pm CEST

Fortunately, you don’t need an EthCC ticket to attend any Cross-Chain salon panels — just register here to attend virtually. If you happen to be at EthCC, consider stopping by the salon for some coffee and great wifi — it’s just a five minute walk from the EthCC venue.

On July 23: join us for Bridge The DeFide, an all-day pitch event. As we recently shared, Celo is cooking up Optics, which will connect decentralized ecosystems (including Ethereum) and improve blockchain interoperability. As we gear up for the deployment, we’re looking to the community for ideas. There’s still time to get in your submission here. The pitch event and the Cross-Chain Salon in general will be live-streamed on Celo’s YouTube.

Virtual Participation

If you’re not in Paris, tune into Celo’s YouTube channel to catch live streams of the workshops and talks from Celo partners. You can also follow cLabs on Twitter to stay updated on the schedule.

We look forward to hopefully seeing you at EthCC!

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